Welcome to DCL, engineering the 21st Century

DCL is a multi-disciplinary practice offering structural, civil, highways, bridges, geotechnical and below ground drainage engineering services to clients across all sectors of the construction industry.


At DCL, we put innovation at the heart of our work. We are fully conversant with modern methods of construction and invest in the latest CAD technology and quality management systems.

We incorporate time as the fourth dimension in our drawings. Our agile and responsive team ensure that we deliver against our promises on time every time, helping to keep your project moving forward.


Working collaboratively with our clients, we deliver affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions.


Our design focus is fixed on delivering highly cost effective solutions that connect on a human scale with the property owners and end users.


Carbon reduction is the greatest challenge we as engineers face and our engineering solutions adopt a low embodied energy approach as standard.


We provide both professional and private clients with the highest standard of service, transparent pricing and effective processes.


Our team of experienced specialists deliver elegant and pragmatic plans which achieve clients’ objectives and are genuinely buildable.


Our expertise includes:

  • Structural engineering

  • Civil engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering

We are experts in both new-build, refurbishment and change-of-use projects and have worked in sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, Tier IV data centres, retail, leisure, healthcare and education.


We have an innovative approach and detailed understanding of the challenges faced by developers working on sites in London. Sites which are often listed, of historical significance, and require retained façades.


We are particularly adept at developing mixed-use sites. And, of managing the complexities of delivering solutions where sites are adjacent to public, commercial and transport services which remain in use throughout the development work.

We have worked with Frank, Phil and the team at DCL for more than ten years. Why? Because they consistently deliver against their promises; designing innovative and effective structures that connect on a human scale with the building owners and users." Ed Jones. CEO of PMB Holdings.


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DCL prides itself on designing simple, sound, buildable structures that connect on a human scale with the building owners and users, by maximising site-specific modern methods of construction with cutting-edge innovation. Our goal is client satisfaction. Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

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